Honors Patterns of Human Experience - Period 3, 4, 6

     Literature is the language of life.
    In this class, we realize that literature
    "depicts and reveals behavior and problems comment to all human beings" (Rosenberg 2).
    Consequently, we aim to explore those many ways of life, and in doing so, bring ourselves to
    an understanding of our own place in this thing called "the Human Experience."
    Please complete this introductory survey.

    Course Info + Policies
    Each marking period, students will be assessed in a variety of ways, but the final grades will be calculated according to the following categories and weights.

    Writing                            35%
    Assessments                    35%
    Homework/Classwork    30%
     Students are expected to be aware of their grades, as they have Skyward access, and to discuss any concerns they have with me as they arise.