“Great” Expectations

      Homework is your responsibility
      Write your homework in your agenda book everyday

      Homework is due the next day unless you are told otherwise by mrs. Darlak

      Homework points for completion will become a skyward grade


    o   O points – no homework

    o   1 point – partial completion

    o   2 points – completed


            IF you don’t know what your Hw is then:

    o   Ask a friend

    o   Check skyward

    o   Ask mrs. Darlak


    ü      If you don’t understand your hw:

    o   Ask a friend

    o   Get an 8th period pass to see mrs. Darlak


    ü      If you missed a homework fill out an “excuse me” form and give it to mrs. Darlak


    ü      Do your homework to the best of your ability!!