• Our Daily Schedule

    * 8:50 - Arrival: morning jobs, before school activity

    * 8:55 - Opening, greeting, read aloud. (Olweus class meeting)

    * 9:15 - Language Arts - Reader's Workshop

    * 10:25 - Snack/Recess

    * 10:50 -  Language Arts - Writer's Workshop

    * 11:45 - Social Studies/Science

    * 12:25 - Lunch/Recess

    * 1:10 - Special Subject  

               Day 1 - Library
               Day 2 - Physical Education
               Day 3 - Music
               Day 4 - Art
               Day 5 - Physical Education

    * 1:55 - Math

    * 2:55 - Language Arts- Word Study,Grammar, Novel Read-Aloud

    * 3:38 - Dismissal

    What is

    * Word Study: This is where we will build phonics, phonemic awareness, spelling and word building skills within the context of reading and writing. 

    * Independent Reader's Workshop: This is a time for your child to read “just right books.” Just Right Books are books that have the following qualifications: I like the book, I understand the book and I can read most of the words in the book without struggling. During independent reading workshop, your child will read independently and at times, read with a partner or meet in a small strategy skills group.  Each child will regularly conference with the teacher.

    * Interactive Read Aloud: This is a time where we work on comprehension strategies through a read aloud. I will read a story to the children and they will work on a number of reading comprehension strategies using their Interactive Reading Workshop journal. 

    * Writer's Workshop: This is where your child will take all the skills they learn across the curriculum to put them into writing. They will work through many developmental stages. They will focus on ways to write using "small" moments in their life. We will learn to write for the reader as well as how to revise and edit. Lifelong learning skills will be embraced and applied to each of the teaching strategies listed above.  They will write many different genres during our Units of Study. Writer's Workshop begins with a mini-lesson.  I will individually conference throughout the writing session. The children will also be assigned a writing partner.