Clearance Requirements for Volunteers

  • Act 153 is a state law that mandates clearances for school volunteers, including parents. In response to Act 153, GVSD Policy #916 addresses required clearances for volunteers. CLEARANCES SUBMITTED SHOULD BE WITHIN ONE (1) YEAR OF THE DAY YOU SUBMIT YOUR PAPERWORK.

    Per Policy #916, Tier I school volunteers are required to provide clearances to the school district. Tier II volunteers are not required to have clearances. See below for more information about the Tier levels.

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    Watch this video to better understand who needs clearances to work or volunteer in the Great Valley School District.

Tier I Volunteers

  • Tier I volunteers are those volunteers who will be individually responsible for the welfare of a child or children, or who will have direct contact with a child or children. This means they will be involved directly with the care, supervision, guidance, or control of children, or will have routine interaction with children. Tier I volunteers are required to have the following clearances every 60 months:

    1. Act 114 FBI Clearance -  FBI procedures as of 11/29/17.

    Go to:

    Follow these instructions when on new website:

    Enter VOLUNTEER service code: 1KG6y3

    -proceed to schedule an appointment.

    -locate a fingerprint location near you.

    -check to see what you need to bring to the enrollment center.


    2. Act 151 Pennsylvania Child Abuse Clearance

    3. Act 34 Pennsylvania Criminal History Check

    *Volunteers who have lived in the state of Pennsylvania for the last 10 years or more may submit a NOTARIZED AFFIDAVIT to that effect in place of the FBI Criminal History Report (fingerprinting).

    All clearances submitted must be dated within 1 year of submittance. Any Tier I volunteer who already has all clearances will be required to renew them every five years. If all clearances were not received at the same time, renewal date will be based on the date of the earliest obtained clearance.

Tier II Volunteers

  • Policy 916 also defines the Tier II volunteer who does not need clearances. Tier II volunteers are those volunteers who will not be providing care, supervision, guidance, or control of children, or who will not have routine interaction with children. Examples of the Tier II volunteer include guest readers, classroom party helpers, attendees at performances, etc.

Do I Need Clearances?

  • A MATRIX is available and includes a variety of typical volunteer positions often seen in our schools. The matrix indicates whether or not clearances are required for the identified volunteer roles. While the document is lengthy, it is also fairly comprehensive and answers many of the questions we've been asked.

Submitting Your Clearances

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Questions about volunteer clearance requirements?

  • Contact (610) 889-2125, ext. 52116.