• Dear Parents,  

    I am excited to work closely with you in making this a wonderful third grade year for your child! My passion is education and sharing my love of learning with my students. My focus is always meeting my students’ academic and social needs. I am driven to create a supportive classroom environment so that the children feel comfortable and ready to learn. In addition, I plan my lessons to be enjoyable, interactive, and engaging for the children. From experience, this motivates the students to want to do their best and, in return, they put more effort into their education.  

    Open communication will help ensure a successful school year for your child. Your child’s assignment book will be important this year. Please sign the homework page in the assignment book daily. Also, please do not hesitate to reach out if you ever have any questions, concerns, or insights on how I can help your child to have a positive and successful school year. 

    I look forward to us working closely together to ensure a wonderful third grade experience for your child.  


    Mrs. Sara Van Alstyne