• mystery reader
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    Mystery Reader Guidelines
    Keep your identity TOP SECRET! Please review guidelines before your visit.
    Choosing a book:
    • Please bring a book that your 2nd grader loves!
    • Picture books, poetry, and nonfiction make great read alouds. No chapter books, please.
    • The book needs to be short enough to read aloud in 10 minutes. Look inside this Amazon book for an example of a page with about the right amount of text. On the other hand, this book has too much text on a page for a 10 minute read aloud.
    • If in doubt, bring two short read alouds.
    Staying "Under Cover"/ Arrival:
    • Mystery Reader time slots are only 10 minutes and cannot run overtime, as they are usually backed up against Reader's Workshop. Please arrive early enough to sign in at the office and still be outside our door about 5 minutes early.
    • After signing in at the office, knock loudly on our classroom door (Room 202) and then step away from the door so that no child can peek and reveal your identity!
    • I will read the third and final clue.
    • Your child will come into the hall to welcome you to our classroom!
    Other TOP SECRET Information:

    •  Please do not bring food or other rewards for the class. Although your generosity and thoughtfulness are much appreciated, I prefer to keep the focus during this special time on the story and the guest. It is a great gift we give our children when they learn to love reading for no other reason than for the simple pleasure it brings!