• Our Homework Journey
    boy reading

    Homework in Room 108 is designed to ensure that:

    Children develop habits of good readers by transferring their school reading, to home.


    Every child has their unique learning needs met, because parents can choose a tailored nightly activity.





    Monday through Thursday, homework is as follows:

    20 MINUTES: Child reads his/her reader’s workshop book (or a section of it) and writes it on the reading log.


    Each day, children choose a book from their personal bookshelves to take home and continue reading. Most of the time, expect that book to be "just-right." Some of the time, however, the book can be read aloud by an adult or, if it is within reach for the child, it should be partner-read.






    Math Homework will be assigned approximately once a week and will be teacher chosen based on what children may need reinforced at home. Children will write this on their Homework Log when assigned.

    The Homework Log is green, can be found in your child’s HW Folder,  and looks like this:


    HW Log

    10 MINUTES: Parent chooses four of nine learning activities from the weekly homework menu per week.





    The Word Work Packet will be sent home in your child's Word Work Folder.


     Word Work HW

    How do I know which choice is right for my child?


    It is important to note, that even though children should be afforded choices throughout their day, choices regarding homework should be left to parents. The strength of this homework program is that children get just what they need to grow as learners. The homework should be neither too easy, nor too hard and should take around 10 minutes.








    star  As easy as it is to hold children accountable for this written work, the nightly reading remains the most important homework piece.