• Use the following tips to maximize your summer reading success! 

    •If you read the book early in the summer, reread it in August to refresh your memory of the story and its details.
    •If you own the book, you can mark it up, talking to the text, as you read.  If you don’t own the book, record notes separately on Post Its.
    –Note the setting components
    –Note characters’ names and personality traits
    –Note the conflict
    –Note the resolution
    –Note plot details
    –Keep notes for review in August. 
    • Students are highly encouraged to have a personal copy of the summer reading books, whether in print or as an e-book.
    • Students will need access to the texts for review activities upon returning to school in the fall.
    • Students will be allowed to use the books to complete the assignments.
    • If a chosen book does not feel like a good fit, use the strategies taught in class to decide whether you should abandon the book and choose another one from the list.
    • Choose books based on your personal reading abilities and preferences.