During the district's recent athletic survey, we noted that there were many questions and misconceptions regarding the activity fee that is charged after a student-athlete makes one of our 20 athletic teams.  I am providing a "frequently asked questions" page based upon the most commonly noted questions from the results of the 3 surveys administered in the 2017-2018 school year.  

    The fees for activities will help offset the expenses of our extracurricular programs, not only athletics but drama, band, etc.  They contribute to the costs of items such as:

    • Coaches’ salaries
    • Transportation
    • Equipment
    • Insurance
    • Facility usage

    Does paying the activity fee guarantee any playing time?

    Unfortunately, it does not.  All team members benefit from the above listed assets of a program, not just those who play in games.  

    Does the district consider the burden of cost for families with several siblings and those students that play multiple sports/activities?

    Absolutely.  There is an actual cap on fees that can be paid by a single family that also considers the number of activities in which siblings participate.  The individual cap is $285.00 and the family cap is $750.00.

    How does the District handle hardship cases?

    In the case of financial hardship, the Principal or Director of Athletics has the ability to waive an activity fee.

    What happens if a student moves or quits a team?  Are refunds issues?

    The District's policy does not permit refunds in the case of a student moving, quitting, sustaining an injury or being dismissed from a team.