• Book Checkout

    Homeroom classes have a scheduled library book exchange once per six-day cycle.  Books are required to be returned at the next book exchange day.  Students who do not return their books will not be permitted to check out a new one.  If students finish their books or want to exchange before their next scheduled library time, they are welcome to come to the library (with their teacher's permission) to get a new one.
    Kindergarten - 1 Book
    1st Grade - 2 Books
    2nd Grade - 2 Books
    3rd Grade - 2 Books
    4th Grade - 2 Books 
    5th Grade - 3 Books
    Reading Olympians may check out one additional book.

    Lost/Damaged Books 

    If a book is lost or damaged, the family is required to pay for a replacement copy before the student may borrow another book.