• Book Checkout

    Homeroom classes have a scheduled library book exchange once per six-day cycle.  Students may keep/renew their books as long as they are actively reading them.  When students finish reading their books, they should return them on their next library day or drop them in the return bin outside the library doors.  If students finish their books or want to exchange before their next scheduled library day, they are welcome to come to the library (with their teacher's permission) to get a new one.

    Number of Books Per Student

    Students may check out the following number of books each visit (minus the number of books they already have checked out).
    • Kindergarten - 2 books in the beginning of the year, incrimentally increasing to five as the year goes on
    • 1st through 5th Grade - 5 books

    Book Choice

    An overwhelming amount of research shows that the greatest motivator in devloping positive reading habits in children is choice.  Students are free to self-select any library book in the collection.  Library staff will always help students locate books they want or make recommendations.  Students are not required to check out just right books or books on their level.  If students need additional books specifically for classroom instruction (e.g. a book on their level to practice a specific reading strategy/skill), they may check out additional books on top of the Number of Books Per Student outlined above. 

    Because every family's wishes and beliefs on book selection are different, the library staff will not restrict student book choices.  If, at any point, your child brings home a book you deem inappropriate, please contact Mr. Salerno (csalerno@gvsd.org).  We will add a note to your child's account so they only borrow books that meet your parental approval.

    Lost/Damaged Books 

    If a book is lost or damaged, the family is required to pay for a replacement copy.