• Composer of the Week:  Renaissance and Medieval Composers

    Before the time of Bach and the Baroque Period, music was very different.   Many of the musical “rules” we use today didn’t exist.  Instruments were less sophisticated, and written music looked much different as well.   Our “Composer of the Week” today will actually be several composers who lived before the Baroque Period. 


    The Renaissance Period lasted from the late 1300’s until about 1600.  It was a time of renewed interest in music, art, literature, science and even religion.   The composers who lived during this time wrote both sacred music (religious music) and secular music (non-religious) music.  Much of the music that survives is choral music.  It was during the Renaissance that opera was invented, as well as printed music that looks more like our modern system.   Here some examples of Renaissance composers: 




     Thomas Tallis (1510-1585)----From England, Choral Music. 



    De Prez



    Josquin Des Prez (1440-1521)---From France.  Secular Choral Music (not religious).



    Claudio Monteverdi (1567-1643)---Italy.  Wrote first Opera called “Orfeo.” 




    William Byrd (1543-1623)—England.  Probably the greatest of English composers.

    Prior to Renaissance, there was a period of time called the “Medieval” Period, or the “Middle Ages.”  We know very little about the composers who lived in this period, and virtually nothing of those who came before.  One reason is the paper was not always available, and everything had to be hand written.  The Middle Ages lasted from about the year 450 to 1300.  



     Hildegard von Bingen (1098-1179)—Germany.  Sacred Choral Music.




    Guillaume de Machaut (1300-1377)—France. Secular Choral Music.




    Leonin (before 1150-1201)—France.  Sacred Choral Music.  Teacher of Perotin.


     Perotin (pictured here).   (1160-1225)—France.  Sacred Choral Music.  Student of Leonin. 



    Written Music
    Music looked much different in the past:  
    Medieval/Middle Ages Music   
    Renaissance music (Monteverdi)  

    Europe from 4000 B.C to 2013 (video)



    Music of the Medieval and Renaissance Periods