• Unit 3: Writing and Telling Stories


    Writer’s Workshop is an exciting time of the day! In this unit the children will be layering their learning from the launching unit. Here they will record their story across several pages using representational drawings and labels. The writers will move onto writing a sentence that matches the drawings. 


    Skills and Strategies Taught (What it looks and sounds like!):

    • Writers take moments of their lives and stretch them across pages.

    • Writers write words by saying the word slowly, stretching the word out, and writing the sounds they hear.

    • Writers add details to their stories such as where they were, who they were with, and what they were doing.
    Ways to support your child at home:
    • Continue to help your child to develop his/her understanding of the sound and symbol relationship - Know the upper and lowercase letters and the sound each makes.

    • Provide paper or notebook, pens, and a writing spot to encourage writing.

    • Allow your child to write the sounds he/she hears when writing a word (phonetic spelling). You might see the first sound, first and last sound, or entire word written.

    Ask your child:

    • Tell me about your moment you are writing about. What details are you adding?
    Answer:  Your child will respond with a personal response. If a short response is given, prompt for more information with questions.