• Language Arts - Reader's Workshop
     Units of Study:
    Build Good Reading Habits
    Readers Have Big Jobs
    Learning About the World:  Reading Nonfiction
    Meeting Characters and Learning Lessons
    Reading With a Wide Awake Mind
    Digging Deeper in Comprehension 
    Planning Your Summer Reading Life 
    Language Arts - Writer's Workshop
     Units of Study:
    Small Moments
    Nonfiction Chapter Books
    Writing Reviews
    Scenes to Series
     Units of Study:
    Numbers to 10 and Number Bonds
    Addition and Subtraction Facts to 10
    Shapes and Patterns
    Numbers to 20
    Measurement - Length
    Measurement - Time
    Numbers to 40
    Measurement - Data
    Numbers to 120
    Social Studies
     Units of Study:
    Our Family and Classroom as a Community - Culture 
    Friends Near and Far - Geography
    People in the Marketplace:  Buying, Spending, and Saving - Economics 
    Units of Study:
    Solids and Liquids
    Pebbles, Sand, and Silt
    New Plants