• Unit 2: Looking Closely-Observing, Labeling, and Listening Like Scientist
    In Writer’s Workshop the children will be observing, collecting, studying, and writing about bits of their world. This unit ties in with our science curriculum and provides children opportunity for writing with skills and tools as well as rich science content to explore.
    Skills and Strategies Taught (What it looks and sounds like!):
    • Writers are exact in drawing and labeling their scientific artifacts.

    • Writers add a sentence or two to describe what they see or feel and zoom in with close up drawings.

    • Writers write in a pattern to describe their object.

    • Writers look again and again to find details they may have missed.

    Ways to support your child at home:

    • Continue to help your child to develop hes/her understanding of the sound and symbol relationship to support stretching the sounds to write words.

    • Provide paper or notebook, pens, and a writing spot to encourage writing.

    • Allow your child to write the sounds he/she hears when writing a word (phonetic spelling). You might see the first sound, first and last sound, or entire words written.

    • Encourage your child to look at the world around him/her to talk about it.
    Ask your child:
    • To tell you about something interesting that is seen in your yard or home. Draw and write about it.

      Answer: Might be an insect, a plant or leaf, etc. Look at, point to, and describe the details.