• Meeting Agendas
    October 21
    • Intro to Reading Olympics woohoo!
    • Meet your fellow Olympians
    • Learn how to log reading and write practice questions 
    November 11
    • check-in about logging reading and writing practice questions
    • Meet your fellow Olympians
    • Learn how to log readind and write practice questions 
    December 9
    • Final push to log 7 books by our January meeting
    • T-shirt design contest announced
    • Practice Questions
    January 6
    • Sign up to be a team captain (5th grade) or co-captain (4th grade)
    • Vote on t-shirt design; winner announced
    • Must have at least 7 books read
    • Learn about team strategy
    • Practice questions
    February 14
    • Teams and captains are announced
    • Choose a team name
    • Introduce team charts; fill out to keep track of books read
    • Practice questions
    March 23
    • Details about event night
    • Update team charts
    • Make sure each team has read all books
    • Assign books that haven't been read to teammates
    • Event night simulation
    April 14 (Event Night)
    • Sign t-shirts
    • Final notes about event night
    • Have fun!