• Unit One: Launching the Writer's Workshop  

    Welcome to Writer’s Workshop! During the Launching Unit we induct children into the structures and expectations of the workshop so that even early on they can carry on with independence. Writers are taught to approach writing through multiple means – drawing, labeling, and oral expression. Please know that each child will travel this developmental journey at his/her own pace.


    Skills and Strategies Taught (What it looks and sounds like!):

    • Writers think of topics that they care about and are important to them.

    • Writers tell stories through drawings, labels, and oral expressions.

    • Writers write the sounds they hear in words to write the words the best they can.

    Ways to support your child at home:

    • Help your child to develop his/her understanding of the sound and symbol relationship - Know the upper and lowercase letters and the sound each makes.

    • Have detailed conversations with your child about things they care about and feel are important.

    • Provide paper or notebook, pens, and a writing spot to encourage writing.

    • Encourage your child to write lists of things around the home. Ie. List of groceries, toys, etc.

    • Allow your child to write the sounds he/she hears when writing a word (phonetic spelling). You might see the first sound, first and last sound, or entire word written.
    Ask your child:
    •  What are you writing about in writer’s workshop?
    Answer: Your child will provide an answer. You can help your child elaborate their idea list through conversation.