• Here are dates for continuing your outside reading of Great Expectations.  By following this schedule, you will have a much more pleasurable and meaningful understanding of the text.
    9/9:  20-21
    9/12:  22-25
    9/16: 26-28
    9/19: 29-31
    9/23: 32-34
    9/29: 35-39
    After chapter 39, I will have some assessment to test your understanding of the text thus far.  Dates for part three will come later.
    Here are also some general questions to guide your reading:
    Chapters 20 to 39:  The second phase ends at the end of 39.  Bentley Drummle enters the scene.  Pay attention.  How is he different than Herbert and Pip?  What do you like about him?  What do you NOT like? 
    Keep in mind that most of Dickens’ novels appeared in magazine serial form.  He often ended on a cliffhanger so that the readership would come back for the next installment. By this point you may have questions, write them down and wait to discover the answers.  Dickens will answer all your questions!
    During these chapters, consider the following questions:
    1. Who helps Pip while he is studying?  Keep track of tutors, friends, mentors, etc...
    2. Who is Handel?
    3. Why does Estella come to London?
    4. How would you explain Pip’s actions and feelings during Joe’s visit in London?  What happens?
    5. Why does Estella say, “I have no heart”?  Continue to track the relationship between Pip and Estella.
    6. How does Miss Havisham define love?
    7. How old is Pip at the end of chapter 39?  What ends the second stage of Pip’s great expectations?
    8. Continue to keep track of Pip's development.  In what ways is he becoming a gentleman?  What does Pip do or say that perhaps shows his growth is not complete?