• Olweus is an anti-bullying program that is implemented in all Great Valley Schools.
    Below you will find a brochure, which will provide you with an overview of the important information related to Olweus.

    Olweus Overview

    Wednesday mornings at Charlestown Elementary School are special days. Each classroom starts their day with a class wide meeting with an emphasis on proactively teaching pro-social skills, such as treating all others with respect, working with others, understanding differences, etc. This is also a time for a classroom to problem solve any situations that may be occurring throughout the school day. These problems can be shared with the whole group or students can also submit a concern in their classroom meeting box and remain anonymous. Some examples may be how to work in a science group together, play soccer out at recess, share a good friend with others.  The students share with each other their suggestions on how to solve the situations.