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      Lily, born November 11, 2010, is a loving and friendly yellow lab who, when not working, lives with the McGrath family.  Lily was adopted at 10 months old and since that time has been working with Mrs. McGrath with the help of professional dog trainers on her obedience skills.   Last year, after several training classes and lots and lots of practicing, Lily and Mrs. McGrath went through the testing and evaluation process to become a certified therapy dog team.   We did this through the Paws for People Organization.   For more information about this organization and what dogs and handlers have to do to pass these evaluations, you can go to http://www.pawsforpeople.org     Below is some more information about Lily and her role, but if you have additional questions, please do not hesitate to contact me.
    When will Lily be at School?    Lily will be with Mrs. McGrath at General Wayne between one and two days per week.   
    What is the purpose of a Therapy Dog?   Lily's role as a therapy dog is to bring joy and comfort to others, plain and simple.   The benefits of therapy dogs and their relationships with humans, especially children, are well documented.   She will be available to meet with students (always with Mrs. McGrath's close supervision) who are feeling the need for comfort, she can be utilized as a behavior incentive for individuals or whole groups, and through her presence in our halls and at our events, she will bring happiness and joy to our school community.   She is always very excited to greet the students' smiling faces when they arrive in the morning as well as when she sees them passing in the hallway.    
    Grooming and Care:    As part of our therapy team requirements, Lily receives regular grooming and is always up to date on all of her shots and veterinary visits.   She loves going to the "dog spa" to receive her "pawdicures" where they do her nails, teeth, ears.   Lily is bathed and brushed regularly.  She is also treated regularly for the prevention of heart worms, fleas, and ticks.   
    What if my Child is afraid or allergic?    Lily is always under the close supervision and control of Mrs. McGrath.   As a team, they will not approach anyone uninitiated or enter a classroom uninvited.   If you have specific concerns, please do not hesitate to bring them to our attention so we can be aware of them.
    Lily's Behavior:   Lily and Mrs. McGrath have received extensive training.   When Lily is "working", she knows it.    She only wears bandanas and uses her black leash when she goes to work and knows right away when those two things are on, she is expected to be in work-mode.   She has been trained to be under control and to follow the commands she has learned.    Unlike other service animals who wear signs that say "don't approach this dog -working", when Lily is working, her job is to interact with humans.   It is always good to ask before approaching an animal, but Lily is very well trained to interact with people.    
    Does Lily like Working as a Therapy Dog?    You might think that working all day under strict behavioral conditions and with self-control, would be no fun for Lily, however, she LOVES interacting with people, especially children.   When I ask her if she wants to "go to school to see the kids" or "go to work" her ears perk up and she follows me around until she gets her bandana on and black working leash.   It is a great life for her.   The GW humans aren't the only ones feeling joy!
    What does Lily like to do when she is not Working as a Therapy Dog?    When Lily is not working, she loves taking long walks, playing at the park (fetching and bringing back balls is a favorite past time), interacting with her family and friends, playing with other dogs, and swimming in her doggie pool.   She loves to run around and have fun.   She also loves to nap.