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Let's Celebrate!

According to GVSD's birthday celebration policy, students may choose to have a family member visit on their birthday for a read aloud (bringing in food is prohibited)! 

If your child has a summer birthday, feel free to come in on their half birthday!  For example, July birthdays would have a reader come in January and August birthdays in February. 

You may also donate a book to our classroom library. The book will be placed in our class library.

You should select a book that can be shared within a 10-15 minute span.  Please contact me 1-2 weeks prior to your child’s birthday to schedule a good time for you!  Anyone choosing to come into our classroom must have their clearances on file.  A brief description is listed below.  A more detailed description of how to get your clearances and where to submit them can be found on the GVSD website. 

Per GVSD Policy 916, Tier I school volunteers are required to provide clearances to the school district. Tier I volunteers are those volunteers who will be individually responsible for the welfare of a child or children, or who will have direct contact with a child or children. This means they will be involved directly with the care, supervision, guidance, or control of children, or will have routine interaction with children. Tier I volunteers are required to have the following clearances every 36 months:

  1. Act 114 FBI Criminal History Report or Notarized Affidavit (Seeour web sitefor info about when the Affidavit may be used.)
  2. Act 151 Pennsylvania Child Abuse Clearance
  3. Act 34 Pennsylvania Criminal History Check

Policy 916 also defines the Tier II volunteer who does not need clearances. Tier II volunteers are those volunteers who will not be providing care, supervision, guidance, or control of children, or who will not have routine interaction with children. Examples of the Tier II volunteer include guest readers, classroom party helpers, attendees at performances, etc.