• Composer of the Week:  Neil Diamond
    Diamond Neil Diamond is an American singer, songwriter and composer.   He was born on January 24th, 1941 in Brooklyn, New York.  In high school, he wanted to be a laboratory biologist.  He attended New York University.  During his senior year there, a music publishing company offered to pay him $50 a week to write songs. 

    During the early 1960’s, Diamond tried to make a name for himself as a singer and songwriter.  He found success with the song “I’m a Believer,” though he did not perform it himself (it was performed by the made-for-TV band, The Monkees). 

    Diamond started to become popular as a solo artist in 1966.  As he did, he considered using stage names.  He considered calling himself “Eice Charry” or “Noah Kominsky,” but decided to just use his real name instead.  He became very popular in the 1970’s, releasing the hits Sweet Caroline, Holly Holy, Cracklin’ Rosie and Song Sung Blue.  He went on to release Beautiful Noise, and both compose the music for and star in the film The Jazz Singer.  The movie didn’t do well, but several songs became hits, including “America.”   He also composed the music for the film “Jonathan Livingston Seagull.”    

    Neil Diamond toured and performed until very recently.  In January of 2018, he announced his retirement from performing due to being diagnosed with Parkinson's Disease.  His song, “Sweet Caroline”  has become extremely popular at sporting events and in pop culture.  He has won a Grammy Award, a Golden Globe Award, and has a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame.  He's announced that he will continue to record and write music as long as he's able.     


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