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    We start the year talking about community and getting along with members of different communities.  We will be working on developing a "growth mindset" in our thinking to help us with all of our work this year.  
    In Science, we will start off the year by studying Weather and becoming Junior Meteorologists.  We study weather tools, research clouds and Wild Weather, and write letters to meteorologists at Channel 6 ABC and Channel 10 NBC.
     Our unit on Balance and Motion will be in December/January where we will experiment with the concepts of stable balance and apply that to our own lives.
    Our Native American Unit is ready to kick off in February!!
    We will be "experts" in a particular area of the tribe, and will teach the rest of the class what we know! 
    We will study 3 tribes in all...The Tlingit of the Northwest Coast, The Plains of the Plains, and the Lenape of the Eastern Woodlands!  Check back for photos from this unit along with our annual Tepee Raising with Robin Moore in April!
    In the Spring(May), we will finish off the year with a Life Cycle study.  We will study the life cycle of the Painted Lady Butterfly.  The release of the butterflies is usually a great end of year celebration!