• Composer of the Week:   Alan Silvestri 


    Syl Alan Silvestri is an American film and television composer born in 1950.   Silvestri is from Teaneck, New Jersey, where he attended Teaneck High School and played woodwinds and guitar.  He attended the Berklee College of Music for a time, and eventually moved to Los Angeles, CA.  He struggled to find music arranging and composing work at first.   However, he became friends with a man named Bradford Craig, who was a song lyricist.  Craig helped get Silvestri his first movie composing job.  At the time, Silvestri knew so little about composing for movies that he rushed out and bought a book called “How to Score a Film.”   He read it overnight, and delivered his first movie score two weeks later.

    Silvestri became successful when he started working with the director Robert Zemeckis.   In fact, Silvestri has composed the music for all of the director’s films, including the Back to the Future series, Forest Gump and The Polar Express. He has composed  the music for The Avengers series, Captain America: The First Avenger, and The Croods.  His other well-known scores include Who Framed Roger Rabbit, Night at the Museum, Cast Away, Lilo and Stitch, Contact,Volcano, Stuart Little, Father of the Bride and the two G.I. Joe films. 
    Alan Silvestri currently lives in California with his wife and children.  He has become successful enough to pilot his own personal jet aircraft, which he flies to Hollywood for his movie-scoring work.




    Map of Teaneck, NJ