•                                             The Crisi Character Award
     The Crisi Character Award was established by the Student Council and Class Officers of the Class of 2003 to honor their class sponsors Ben and Kathy Crisi. The Award is given out annually to a senior boy and a senior girl who show outstanding character qualities in the areas of academics, athletics and activities. Class officers nominate 5 girls and 5 boys for the award and the recipients are chosen by a panel of teachers and administrators. Due to the huge success of the Mr. Great Valley Contest which continues to support this award, students each receive a $1,000 scholarship.
     Student Council Officers 2002-03                                             Senior Class Officers of 2003                                                          
    President                        Leigh Ann Bishop                                  President               Adam Smith
    Vice President                 Stephan Gunn                                       Vice President        John Gorman
    Treasurer                       Erice Nyman                                        Treasurer               Christine Correale
    Corresponding Secretary  Abby Linderman                                  Secretary               Haily Eck
    Recording Secretary         Heather Mosenson
    School Board Rep            Jordan Stitzer
     class1                                                                        class2                                                      
     Mrs. Crisi continues to teach Biology and serves as the  Department Chair of Science. She currently co-sponsors the Class of 2019 and is the sponsor of the Interact Club and the Relay For Life Club.. Mr. Crisi was a beloved Social Studies teacher for 35 years as well as a Football Coach. He considered Great Valley his family in every way. He dedicated over 40  years of his life to the education of high school students. He passed away in January of 2006 from Lymphoma.  The Valor Bowl Trophy has been named the Ben Crisi Trophy in his honor. To learn more about Ben and his Valor Bowl Tribute please use the following link:
                 BenCrisi           BenCoach            Ben3    BenRelay                 BenGroup                        Ben 5                     girlsyoung                               wedding                                  coach                        benkath                                       benprom                                         benweddinggirls
    Crisi Character Award Winners
    2019          Kimberly Yang   Dominic Finan
    2018          Alivia Juliana   Tyler Boclair
    2017                 Kaitlin Toal           Benjamin Nurthen
    2016                 Anna Willig           Casey Funk
    2015                 Theresa Kash        Kyle McKinley
    2014                 Rachel Cowgill       Nathaniel Cohen 
    2013                 Brooke Gamble      Bradley Sherry
    2012                 Julia Pohlman        Timothy Shackleton
    2011                 Jessica Matsinger   Zachary Anderson
    2010                 Theresa Byrket      Christopher Nurthen
    2009                 Tori Piersanti          Seth Housten & John Nurthen
    2008                 Cara Baskin           Rob Moccia
    2007                 Lauren McKinley     Bobby Eppleman
    2006                 Cassie Dormand     Matt Macchione
    2005                 Katie Bigelow         Paul Koffer
    2004                 Kaitie Williamson    Matt Godec
    2003                 Jung Park              Jim Mulherin