•     The Mr. Great Valley Show was established by the 2003 GVHS Student Council Officers and the Class of 2003 Officers as a way to honor GV teacher, coach and class sponsor Mr. Ben Crisi who was diagnosed with cancer in 2001 and passed away in 2006. Mr. Crisi taught at  GV for 35 years and was the ultimate Mr. Great Valley! The proceeds from the event fund the Crisi Character Award. The Character Award is given annually to a senior girl and boy who have demonstrated outstanding character qualities in the areas of academics, athletics and activities. The senior class officers make nominations and the recipients are chosen by a committee of teachers and administrators.  Choose the Crisi Character link on the website for more information about Mr. Crisi, the Crisi Character Award and the Character Award Winners.
    Student Council Officers
                2002-2003                                  Class of 2003 Officers                                                            
    President                             Leah Ann Bishop                         President                   Adam Smith
    Vice President                    Stefan Gunn                                 Vice President           John Gorman
    Treasurer                             Erica Nyman                              Treasurer           Christine Correale                                      
    Corresponding Secretary    Abby Linderman                             Secretary                   Haily Eck
    Recording Secretary           Heather Mosenson 
    School Board Rep               Jordan Stitzer

    Mr. Great Valley  Winners


    2019    Andrew DiSanto



    2018   Tyler Boclair




    2017        Dyson Kennedy



    2016     Alexander Roker    
    2015  Kyle McKinley                                                       see more photos 
    2014 Chris Saunders                                                                                 
    2013  Evan Cooper 
    2012    Gordon Heller
    2011    Ray Li    
     Ray Li  
    2010    Jack McGrath
    2009    D. J. McCrory
     2008    Ryan Nessle
    2007    Tim Dodds
    2006    Brian Quindlen
    2005    Pete Richardson
    2004    James Thorpe
    2003    Jeff Welsh