• Classroom Guidance Curriculum

    Classroom guidance lessons focus on learning basic life skills including, but not limited to, topics related to bullying/harassment/respect, basic social skills, friendship skills, problem solving skills, conflict resolution skills, positive thinking/persevering/self-esteem, appreciating differences and diversity, and decision making.


    Sixth Grade


    ·         Transition to Middle School

    ·         Introduction to the Role of the Guidance Counselor

    ·         Organization and Time Management

    ·         Orientation to STAR Program

    ·         When and How to Access Helping Resources

    ·         Respectful Treatment of Others

    ·         Heritage Fest – Celebrating Diversity



    Seventh Grade

    ·         STAR Program Refresher

    ·         When and How to Access Helping Resources

    ·         Developing Problem Solving Skills

    ·         Goal Setting

    ·         Identifying and Planning Short and Long Term Goals


    Eighth Grade

    ·         STAR Program Presentation

    ·         Review of School Policies

    ·         Career and Higher Education Exploration through Pheaa

    ·         High School Course Selection

    ·         High School Transition Discussions and Activities