Classroom Guidance Curriculum

  • Classroom guidance lessons focus on learning basic life skills including, but not limited to, topics related to bullying/harassment/respect, basic social skills, friendship skills, problem solving skills, conflict resolution skills, positive thinking/persevering/self-esteem, appreciating differences and diversity, and decision making.


Sixth Grade

    • Transition to GVMS
    • Introduction to the role of the guidance counselor
    • Organization and time management
    • Orientation to STAR program
    • When and how to access helpful resources
    • Respectful treatment of others
    • Heritage Fest - Celebrating diversity

Seventh Grade

    • STAR program refresher
    • When and how to access helpful resources
    • Developing problem solving skills
    • Goal setting - Identifying and planning short and long term goals

Eighth Grade

    • STAR program presentation
    • Review of school policies
    • Career and higher education exploration through Pheaa
    • High school course selection
    • High school transition discussions and activities