• The Role of Your GVMS Counselor

    • Individual Student Support.
    • Small Guidance Groups to enhance development of social and/or coping skills.
    • Developmental Guidance Lessons for each grade level
    • Consultation with Parents, Teachers, and Staff
    • Crisis Intervention
    • Career Education
    • 504 Building Facilitator
    • Facilitation of Gifted Screening and Process
    • Child Study Team Coordinator
    • Coordinator of school input for psycho-educational evaluation process
    • Member of Functional Behavioral Assessment Team
    • Assistance with Student Transitions (5th to 6th and 8th to 9th)
    • Coordination of efforts with other school specialist and coordination of referrals to outside agencies.
    • STAR Team Coordinator
    • Coordinate High School Course Selection with 8th grade
    • Participant in School Refusal Process
    • Building liaison for homebound instruction
    • Orientation for students new to GVMS
    • Collaboration with administrative team



    Additionally:   Your GVMS Counselors are involved with:

    ·         Meeting with elementary and high school staff to assist with transitions

    ·         Planning assemblies to support a positive school climate

    ·         Serving as members of various district committees

    ·         Coordinating student recognition programs

    ·         Assisting families in need of scholarships for school trips