General Wayne Elementary School

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  • Nurse’s Notes: INHALERS – Turkey Trot practices are underway in PE classes.  IF your child needs to use an inhaler before class or before the Trot, please send in the inhaler and the doctor’s order on our Authorization to Give Medication at School form or on his letterhead and written permission from you.  Thank you.  Mimi Guiltinan, School Nurse.


    Physical Ed and Recess Restrictions

    • If a student's physical activity at school will be limited by injury or illness, please send a note to school. This note will be shared with the P.E. teacher and the School Nurse. Children are expected to participate fully in P.E. and recess activities unless there is an exemption note.
      • A medical problem limiting activity for more than one class cycle will require a doctor's note. The doctor should indicate the diagnosis and the length of time that physical activity is restricted.
      • If the physician requires that the student be reevaluated before returning to P.E., the physician will need to issue another note stating that the student has been cleared to participate.
      • A student with an obvious medical problem (i.e., cast or splint) will be required to have a note for P.E. limitations.
      Students go outside for recess, and sometimes for P.E. Please send your child properly prepared and dressed for the weather, and for running and playing!