• The American Journey

     Literature is the language of life.
    In this class, we aim to experience many lives, and in doing so, bring ourselves to
    an understanding of our own journey through this thing called "The American Dream."

    Summer reading questions?  Here's the assignment.

    Course Info + Policies (2018-2019)
    • Our class Rules and Procedures have a full explanation of the course philosophy, expectations, and policies.
    • Specifically for Grading: Each marking period, students will be assessed in a variety of ways, but the final grades will be calculated according to the following categories and weights.

      35% Formative (A formative assessment monitors student learning to provide ongoing feedback. It helps students identify strengths and weaknesses and target areas that need work and help teachers recognize where students are struggling. This includes but is not limited to Homework, Classwork, Participation, varied assessments)  

      50% Summative (A summative assessment is used to evaluate student learning, knowledge, skill proficiency, or success at the conclusion of an instructional period/unit/goal, e.g. Writings, Projects, varied assessments)   

      15% Other (Reserved for a variety of items!)   

    Students are expected to be aware of their grades, as they have Skyward access, and to discuss any concerns they have with me as they arise.


    For HW assignments, see Canvas!

    If it's not working for some reason, here are our first two tasks:

    • Homework due 9/6: 
      • Intro Survey
      • Summer Notes submission:
      • Turnitin.com sign up & Catcher notes submission

        • Period 5 Class ID: 18946390   Password:  readingrocks
        • Period 7 Class ID: 18946402   Password:  readingrocks