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    A Message of Loving Kindness in this time and always
    May we all be happy
    May we all be healty
    May we all be safe
    May we all live with ease
    May we all find connection and understanding in our virtual world 
    please check out our Corona Virus Resource page


    Welcome to the Student Services website.
    We hope that you will find helpful information on our pages.

    A Short Article from Dr. Rick Hanson about minimizing our stress during the Holiday Season! 

    Student Services helps students:
    Deal with issues that interfere with academics so that they can do their best in school
    Understand themselves and others
    Cope with stress
    Develop self-control and take responsibility for their actions
    Make healthy decisions
    Student Services helps parents:
    Participate effectively in their children's education
    Better understand and meet their children's social and emotional needs
    Access school and community resources
    Students Services helps schools:
     Understand factors (cultural, societal, economic, familial, etc.) that affect students' abilities to make maximize their school experience
     Improve school climate


    Student Services at the High School will be offering 2 New Groups to Students After Winter Break!


      Mindfulness Group

    The group will be open to any and all students.

    We will meet on Mondays at 11 AM.

    No weekly commitment necessary…It will be on a “Come When You Can” Basis (we recognize that your Mondays are busy)

    The Group will be modeled after “Meditation for Skeptics by Dan Harris of Good Morning America and The 10% Happier App.

    Each Session will include a short talk, followed by a short practice.

    Jane Trimble, Crystal Davis and Sarah Wagner will be leading the group.

     Our minds are constantly thinking: planning, judging worrying, rehashing, remembering, regretting, fantasizing and finding and making problems for us to solve.

    It is no wonder we are exhausted at the end of a day.

    Mindfulness offers us some relief!  Simply by paying attention, we can stabilize our minds and find some peace. As our minds settle, we become aware of our endless thinking and the impact that it has on our lives…Noticing this, we realize that we have choices and options and that things don’t have to be so difficult!

    We hope you will join us in the NEW YEAR!

    Be on the Lookout for a Teams Invite!




    “A Student Support Group in the Time of Covid”

    COVID has Dramatically impacted and changed all of our lives in the course of the past 9 months…

    We are all struggling through this together

    And yet, it often feels like we are all alone…

    Come and join us to vent and rant and to talk about what is working and what is not working in school and in our lives…

    And what we can do to make things better in 2021!

    Mondays at Noon on Teams

    All are Welcome

    Jane Trimble, Crystal Davis and Sarah Pearce