Grading System Overview

  • Teachers & administrators have developed a grading system that separates a student's academic achievement and a student's learning behaviors (Qualities of a Learner). Both academic achievement and learning behaviors will be evaluated and reported on-line via Skyward Family Access each of the four marking periods. Here are some of the highlights:

    1. Student academic achievement grades will be a combination of Formative Assessments and Summative Assessment(s) at the end of each unit. Formative Assessments can range from classroom activities, quizzes, evaluated homework, tests and any other evaluation in the classroom. Summative Assessments will be a large project or test that students will complete at the end of a unit of study.
    2. For any graded assignment that is not handed in or is incomplete, a student will receive no credit for the assignment and the assignment will be noted as missing in gradebook until the assignment is turned in to the teacher. 
    3. If a student is missing Formative Assessments that are crucial to mastery of the major learnings or any Summative Assessment, the report card current & final grade will be an "I" until the work is made up. Students will have a two week period to make up the work. If the work is not complete within that time frame, the students grade will be determined based upon completed tasks during the marking period.
    4. Students will also be evaluated on their learning behaviors with a Qualities of a Learner grade. Behaviors such as consistently showing interest and enthusiam for learning, or having missing assignments, turning in assignments late, coming to class unprepared, and off-task behavior will affect the Qualities of a Learner grade. During the marking period, if this grade drops below a Satisfactory, a comment will appear in Family Access making note of the problem. Qualities of a Learner grades are: Commendable (COM); Satisfactory (S); Needs Improvement (NI); and Unsatisfactory (U). 
    5. On-going student progress is reported to students and parents via Skyward Family Access. A school messenger email will be sent at the conclusion of each marking period reminding parents and students to view final marking period grades in Skyward.