Great Valley School District Strategic Plan

The Great Valley School District's Strategic Plan is a plan written and developed by community members (internal and external). These people served on the Core Team and the planning teams.
The Strategic Plan is a living document in the Great Valley School District. It sets expectations for what we expect students to be able to do (Strategic Objectives) and for what the adults in the system will do (Strategies) to ensure that students are able to meet their objectives.
By 2013, each student will:
  • Continually acquire and apply new skills and knowledge as he/she pursues personal and challenging goals;
  • Demonstrate and understanding of, and actively participate in the local and global community;
  • Achieve the academic standards of the personally challenging program in which he/she is enrolled.

  1. We will meet all No Child Left Behind goals in the areas of graduation, attendance, participation, and performance.
  2. We will develop and utilize the measurement tools and methods necessary to track and communicate progress toward our Strategic Objectives.
  3. We will create and implement a communications structure which enables open dialogue among all stakeholders to build mutual trust and respect and foster collaborative ownership of our Strategic Objectives.
  4. We will provide targeted assistance to students who struggle to achieve the standards specified in our Strategic Objectives.
  5. We will continually engage the community and use its diverse talents and assets to achieve our Strategic Objectives.