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School Board Meetings available online are listed below, with the latest on top. New meetings are usually posted the Wednesday after the meeting. If you cannot find the date you are looking for, please refresh your browser window, or e-mail Tune in to GVTV Sunday nights at 7:00 to watch the latest board meeting.
To view projected presentations from recent meetings, please follow these instructions.
2014-2015 Meetings:

Date Meeting
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 May 18, 2015Business MeetingMay 18 Video May 18 Agenda
 May 11, 2015Work SessionMay 11 Video May 11 Agenda
 April 20, 2015Business MeetingApril 20 Video April 20 Agenda
 April 13, 2015Work SessionApril 13 Video April 13 Agenda
 April 6, 2015Finance CommitteeApril 6 Video April 6 Agenda
 March 16, 2015Business MeetingMar 16 Video Mar 16 Agenda
 March 9, 2015Work SessionMar 9 Video Mar 9 Agenda
 February 17, 2015Business MeetingFeb 17 Video Feb 17 Agenda
 January 20, 2015Business MeetingJan 20 Video Jan 20 Agenda
 January 12, 2015Work SessionJan 12 Video Jan 12 Agenda
 December 1, 2014Organization MeetingDec 1 Video Dec 1 Agenda
 November 17, 2014Business MeetingNov 17 Video Nov 17 Agenda
 November 10, 2014Work SessionNov 10 Video Nov 10 Agenda
 October 20, 2014Business MeetingOct 20 Video Oct 20 Agenda
 October 13, 2014Work SessionOct 13 Video Oct 13 Agenda
 September 15, 2014Business MeetingSept 15 Video Spet 15 Agenda
 September 8, 2014Work SessionSept 8 Video Sept 8 Agenda
 August 27, 2014Special Business MeetingAug 27 Video Aug 27 Agenda
  August 18, 2014 Business Meeting Aug 18 Video Aug 18 Agenda
2013-2014 Meetings:

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 June 9, 2014Business MeetingJune 9 Video June 9 Agenda
 June 2, 2014Special Business MeetingJune 2 Video June 2 Agenda
 May 19, 2014Business MeetingMay 19 Video May 19 Agenda
 May 12, 2014Work SessionMay 12 Video May 12 Agenda
 April 21, 2014Business MeetingApril 21 Video April 21 Agenda
 April 7, 2014Work SessionApril 7 Video April 7 Agenda
 March 31, 2014 Budget MeetingMarch 31 Video March 31 Agenda
 March 17, 2014Business MeetingMarch 17 Video March 17 Agenda
 March 10, 2014Work SessionMarch 10 Video March 10 Agenda
We only post board meetings online going back nine months from the current month.  If you would like to watch an older meeting, please contact Kevin at, and provide your full name and phone number, as well as the date of the meeting you would like to view.

School Board Meetings are brought to you in Windows Media (.wmv) format. If you are having trouble viewing, download the Windows Media Player here. Agendas are presented in Adobe (.pdf) format. Download the latest version of Adobe's PDF reader here.

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