Dear Volunteer,
You are about to join a very important part of Great Valley School District's educational team - volunteers in public schools. It is an exceptional person who gives his or her time and energy to help make our school stronger. Your caring enables us to work better and more productively, and your involvement brings our students the extra time and personal contact that are vital to academic success. You are giving students the powerful message that people care about them. In addition, as our school district and community grapple with the increasing cost of education, you provide that extra pair of hands and that extra caring that can make the difference in the climate of the school. Our community has a myriad of human resources that have remained as yet untapped. Volunteers are a human resource who can enhance the learning environment for our children.
The opportunities for your involvement are limitless. You can spend from one to six hours a day, one to five days a week working in our schools. You may work with students of all ages and abilities. You can work in the classroom, library, office, cafeteria, nurse's office, music department, arts and crafts room, drama department or playground. Training will be made available so you can expand your skills.
Giving our kids the best education possible is an investment in the future of our community and nation. Thank you for recognizing this need and reaching out to help. We're glad you're here.
Jennifer Blake
Director of Communications and Outreach

To learn how to be a part of this rewarding program or for information,
please contact Jennifer Blake 610-889-2125, ext. 52126