School Closing Information

School Closings/Early Dismissals

The school closing emergency number is 855.

School closing and/or late opening information can be found on the following:

  • TV: CBS-TV 3, WPVI-TV 6, NBC-TV 10, GVTV 14, FOX-TV 29

  • Radio: KWY-1060 AM Radio

  • Online: (Each of the TV stations listed above also include school closing information on their web sites.)

  • Via SchoolMessenger: SchoolMessenger is an automated phone and email notification system. Based on feedback received from parents, we will use SchoolMessenger to notify parents of school closings and/or late openings. These calls will be made between 6 a.m. and 7 a.m. SchoolMessenger will also be used to notify families of early closings during the school day. For more information about SchoolMessenger, please see the brochure.

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